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Not sure what you're signing up for?

Learn all about our classes below & choose from a variety of styles depending on your needs, wants & mood.

Options are always offered for most levels & if you require specific guidance please reach out - we are more than happy to accommodate!

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Thanks for the slow down and sense of community. Sometimes I get lost thinking where I am isn't enough and then your classes remind me we are all just rolling through life together.

Grateful for you and all you have to offer!

- Erica

First Class Free!

It can be a process finding the right teacher & class for you. Give us a try with no commitment, pressure, or cost.

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upon booking any in person or live Zoom class to try out your first one!

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Moonlight Flow

Tuesdays 6pm

Intensity: medium/spicy

A creative 60min class, often linked with breath, that explores unique themes through movement. A new sequence is introduced every 8 weeks, which offers an opportunity to notice growth & deeper connection to the body and mind. Pace varies but is often slightly higher in intensity.


Rise + Flow

Wednesdays 6:45am

Intensity: medium

This 45 or 60min class begins with passive holds that gradually build to smooth full body movement with breath. Pace starts very slow and gradually increases as we wake up.


Magical Mobility

Thursdays 6:15pm

Intensity: mild

45mins to explore range of motion in joints with a specific focus each class (think: hips, low back, neck, shoulders, etc.). Pace is slow and controlled with lots of time to feel. Perfect for beginners and seasoned practitioners to connect and recalibrate.

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Weekend Wake Up

Saturdays 9am

Intensity: medium/spicy

Ease into the weekend with this 60min class that offers a lovely, long warm up to prepare the body and mind for energizing, full body movement. Often a little bit of everything in this well-rounded practice. Pace begins slow and builds into steady with breath.

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Fridays noon

Intensity: spicy

A 45min class that harnesses the playful energy of a Friday to leave you feeling refreshed & reset for the rest of your day. Pace is steady and heat-building, always with time to warm up and cool down.


Move + Meditate

Sundays 4pm

Intensity: mild/medium

This 60min class begins with 45mins of smooth, gentle movement to ease tension and create space for stillness. Each class concludes with 15 mins to meditate, reflect or journal in silence. Pace begins at a steady rhythm and eases into stillness. Very beginner-friendly.


Queer Yoga + Hang

Last Sunday of the month 2-4pm

Intensity: mild

A monthly  beginner-friendly 45min practice followed by casual hangout for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Always Pay What You Can. 

email if you have any questions about classes, studio, etc.

I've really been enjoying Moonlight Flow. Yours is the first class I've taken that repeats the same class for a length of time, and, while at first I found myself a little resistant, accustomed as I was to a constant stream of new series', I now LOVE it! It's really brought back a sense of true practice, of being able to go deeper into the meditation as well as seeing progress over time (or even just tuning in to how my body is feeling/working/needing that day - all stuff good yoga instructors say a lot, but I'm actually back to doing in the practice).

- Melissa

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